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Located on the property of the Nashville Zoo since 2003, Croft Middle Design Center is a unique middle school dedicated to global environmental awareness and developing the talents of our future leaders. This is supported by the school’s focus on STEAM education, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Some characteristics of STEAM include Project-Based Learning (PBL) experiences, educating students about future career opportunities in STEAM, interdisciplinary planning and collaboration between teachers of different subjects, and utilizing the Engineering Design Process for problem solving.

Croft is the home of four exotic animal exhibits, supplied by the Nashville Zoo and cared for by the Croft zookeeper students and faculty. In addition to its unique location and hands-on learning opportunities with the Nashville Zoo, Croft is a member of the esteemed Cambridge International academic community. With Cambridge, our students have access to challenging curriculum that builds 21st-century skills to sustain lifelong learning. We offer a comprehensive related arts program that includes band, strings, physical education, visual arts, computer science, and zoology. In addition, our 8th graders can take Spanish 1 for high school credit. The Encore program helps challenge and support our gifted and talented students, while technology integration helps support interactive, blended learning throughout the school.

Additionally, through a partnership with Vanderbilt University, a resident scientist is housed full-time in our building. Through intentional teacher collaboration with our resident scientist, lessons are geared towards engaging students in project-based learning experiences.

At Croft, students have access to a variety of athletics and creative arts. Our music program has a reputation for excellence, as exhibited by its many achievements and accolades.


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